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Corporate Gifting

Children the world over have been simply wonderful throughout this very difficult year.  Adapting to home-schooling, restricting free play and a constantly changing environment, while still continuing to smile and carry on.  Popcorn and Party felt now was the perfect time to launch its first corporate gift – The "Superstar" Gift for school children.  We believe they hugely deserve to be recognised for their brilliant attitude and strength during this pandemic and we have therefore designed an end of term gift especially for them.

School "Superstar" Gift

The “Superstar” gift takes inspiration from the NHS rainbow, using its bright and cheerful colours to bring a smile to each school superstar.


Each child will receive:

  • Superstar printed card including a gold star pin badge.

  • “Grow a Rainbow” pouch filled with Wildflower seeds

  • Rainbow Popcorn

  • Multicoloured swirl lollipop


All gift bags will arrive beautifully packed and secured with a satin ribbon – a variety of colours from the rainbow of course!  Your school can display these bags in rainbow formation, for all the children to see before they are handed their very own “Superstar" gift. 

The end of this very unique school year is in sight. If you would like to reward your superheroes with a “Superstar” gift this summer, please contact us as we would be thrilled to help you spread some much-needed joy.  Contact us at to discuss your requirements.

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