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Celebration Warms The Soul

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Popcorn and Party has been a blog in the making for 15 years! It’s taken a little longer than anticipated (well a lot longer). Life sometimes gets in the way of your best laid plans, but for all the right reasons. I have had the pleasure of raising my three children and have spent all of my time being their mummy, but now, as they are claiming to be grown up (15, 10 and 8yrs), it has allowed me a little time to indulge my love of all things party. Many an hour I can spend scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could finally put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) and pull together a collection of all the parties I have created for my children. I hope that in some way they may inspire you to have a go too.

In amongst the chaos of our busy lives, life is there to be celebrated. Celebration warms the soul & creating that special party is priceless. The surprise on a face, the WOW in the room, the sheer pleasure of seeing your little boy screech at the life size Lewis Hamilton cut-out waiting for his racing party! Each and every one of these moments is a memory to capture.

Who knows where Popcorn and Party will go, and frankly, it doesn't matter! It is simply a way of immersing myself, and hopefully you, in all things creative, happy and joyful.

So, let’s pop the cork, raise our glasses and celebrate the birth of Popcorn and Party!!!

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