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Easter Treats Grazing Platters

Updated: May 4, 2021

Sweet grazing platters are a speedy but sensational way of finishing off a party with a bang. It certainly has the WOW factor, and there is a little something for everyone to tuck into.

Popcorn and Party designed this sweet grazing platter for a very special Easter party.

This Easter grazing platter was created by Tara Cutchey, for her daughters' birthdays.

Simply choose the treats your guests enjoy, and start to build up your platter. To make the display stand out, it works well to bring a little height, variety of textures and colours within your choice of foods. Tara has used a large white chocolate rabbit , plus a bright pink Easter egg to bring height and focus, and has surrounded with strawberries, a cup full of sweets, stripped chocolate straws, stroopwafels, and a scattering of white chocolate buttons.

So easy but SO STUNNING!

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