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Formula 1 Racing Party

My son is a mad Formula 1 fan, Lewis Hamilton in particular. With this in mind, we decided to organise a racing party for his eight birthday. The theme was an easy choice, but the tricky part was deciding on the entertainment. He didn't want a bouncy castle or an entertainer so we were struggling! After much thought, my husband and son agreed that they could try and recreate a racing track and race around using remote controlled cars. Thrilled with this idea, they set to designing a track using gaffa tape. There were tight turns, chicanes, starting grids and even pit lanes - seriously detailed!

As the guests arrived, they were greeted with a life size cardboard Lewis Hamilton. He welcomed them and directed them along the race track we had laid onto the floor to guide them into the party room.

Once the boys had competed hard and screamed ALOT, they all headed in for a well earned lunch. Black and white table cloths were used as a nod to the racing finishing flag, and a large inflatable racing car stood proudly in the centre of the table where the birthday boy would sit. I found some brilliant red car food trays which were just perfect, and also are a decoration in themselves, spread out across the table.

Every boy loves a piñata - a time when they are actively encouraged to hit something as hard as they can!! This party would be no different. Obviously it had to be a racing car, which was filled with plenty of sweets and chocolate for all to share.

This event was so much fun, and one that my husband actually enjoyed organising with me!! Think the boys had a great time too. Lewis, you are welcome back here anytime!

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