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Lockdown Birthday/Easter Party.

The last twelve months has put partying with friends and family on hold. With most of the world placed in lockdown, people have had to think creatively about ways to celebrate life's special moments. Birthdays haven't stopped, but they have just been held behind closed doors.

This Easter themed party was created by Tara Cutchey from Malvern. She had the task of organising a family party for her two girls, who turned 14 and 12 years old, one day apart. As sleepovers, friend gatherings and meals out were off the cards, she created a homemade party for her family of five to enjoy together. So near to Easter, she threw herself into this theme for their special day.

She designed a sweet party table, using classic Easter pastel colours. Pretty pink and green candles stood out on the bright yellow tablecloth. She made bunny ears napkins, tied with a ribbon and filled with a mini egg to continue the theme.

Everyone loves party food. This party didn't disappoint. Tara certainly ensured her girls had a full choice of all of their favourite foods. A full baked camembert took centre stage, combined with a selection of vegetables, cheeses and continental meats. She used solid wooden boards to display the foods alongside pretty wicker baskets for the selection of breads - a must have for all party planners.

It's the little touches which really make a difference at events, and I just love these sweet chocolate rabbits standing proudly, waiting for each of the three children to enjoy. Tara had removed the top off each of the rabbits and filled them with chocolate milkshake and whipped cream, topped off with a wafer doubling up as a straw - very simple but sweet idea!

To finish off a fabulous party, something sweet is essential, and this party certain had that!!! A full perfectly pink grazing platter with a variety of chocolates, stroopwafels and sweets, enough for a family of five to tuck into as the birthday movie night begins. I just hope Tara had a well earned glass of wine as well - she certainly deserved it! xxx

This party goes to show that even in lockdown, it is possible to shower your friends and family with love on their special day, albeit behind closed doors! You just need a little creativity and lots of tasty food!!! Great job Tara! Hope you all had a wonderful time. xx

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