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Tickled Pink Party

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Imagine the scene. London terraced house, barely any room to swing a cat. New baby and puppy in the house and my 7 year old daughter's annual homemade party request - fifteen friends for a party at home!! Eek. Panic set in. We had always hired party spaces to entertain in London, but there is something just a little more welcoming about inviting people into your own home to celebrate these special moments. So.....we set to planning how to squeeze all fifteen little ladies in for a crazy two hours of partying.

The theme for this event was Pink. That's it....Pink! She just asked for everything to be Pink. At first I thought this would be so much harder than the normal character theme - Peppa Pig, Jungle, Pirates, but actually a colour theme was so liberating. Basically anything works as long as it is some shade of pink. This was possibly one of my favourite parties to plan, as we were able to transform our cosy little house into her pink wonderland with very little effort.

Pink decorations adorned every window, door and wall. Glittery curtains, ceiling decorations, balloons and pompoms all contributed to the pink vibe.

The entertainment for the party was based around craft tables, covered in pink table cloths of course! On arrival, all the girls decorated their own cardboard crowns - there were pots of self adhesive jewels, pens and stickers for each of them to design their own creation. I had also purchased some plain wooden picture frames for them to decorate. Again, the jewels and pens were used to bring their frames to life. I always use Baker Ross for all my party craft needs. They have craft ideas for many different events and themes, and I can always find something fresh and new to use at each party - really inexpensive too. I just love incorporating a craft table into all my events. It's a great way to entertain children on arrival while waiting for everyone to come, plus it's a calm space for the quieter children who need some time out when the party gets a little noisy!

We set up a face painting corner in a calm space. My sister in law was called upon once again to decorate the faces of all the girls (so lucky to having creative and willing relatives!). Animals, unicorns and flowers were some of the choices. We also added a message board for everyone to write their little birthday messages to the birthday girl.

Pink Cadillac food trays were used for the party food. Using food trays is a great way to get ahead and organise the food before the children arrive. We kept to simple party food for this event, all included in their own little Cadillac. When you are working in a small space, planning is key!

After a few party games, the birthday girl's Ice Cream Parlour was open for business. She proudly served her guests their own choice of Ice Cream Sunday in pink plastic cocktail glasses, with a choice of toppings and sauces to choose from. Eventually, all the girls took turns serving behind the ice cream counter - they absolutely loved this.

We had a blast arranging this pink party. If you find yourself struggling to find a theme for your event, choose a colour!

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